Fuji Xerox


Smart Work Gateway

Role - Design, Animation, Direction

We need to produce three animations for Fuji Xerox that showcased their SWG platform and how it can help business in their endeavour to be make a safer workplace. We chose to create a 3D environment which we could then implement an isometric design style to.

For the character animation we used a workflow of Adobe Fuse to create the mesh, Mixamo for rigging and animation and finally Cinema 4D for implementing into our 3D environments.

The good

Finding a quick workflow to integrate 3D character animations in relatively quick time. 

The bad

Lack of time to really push the visuals and add shadows to the renders.

The ugly

Having to change all the colours in all three animations at the final minute, and of course re-rendering everything. 




Enterprise Animation

Role -Design,  Direction

"Have you got any cool examples" is a quote that you always hear in my line of work. So the O2 team asked me just that in reference to an upcoming animation with a strict request, "no vector characters".

After some research and exploration we went for a 3D route which would be stylised to appear 2D but encompass 3D elements such as lighting and shadows.

Research and Development is where we get better, so here are a few shots of the development phase.





Interactive Video

Roles - Concept Designer, Animator, Art Director

Software used - Cinema4D + After Effects